Much of my pedagogical training and development can best be understood in relation to being selected as one of UC Irvine's Pedagogical Fellows for 2019. Below you can find more information about the fellowship, opportunities after the fellowship, preparation for the fellowship, and other pedagogical training.

Pedagogical Fellowship (UC Irvine)

The Pedagogical Fellowship Program is a year-long “preparing future faculty” program run by UC Irvine's Division of Teaching Excellence and Innovation. Pedagogical Fellows are chosen based on excellent teaching, promising scholarship, and service to UC Irvine, their department, and their fields.

During the program, fellows participate in a year of courses and summer service in order to:

Note: much of this language is borrowed directly from the DTEI’s page (see here)

Pedagogical Workshops Developed

During the Fall quarter of 2019, I developed and led following workshops for the Division of Teaching Excellence and Innovation. These workshops on collaborative learning and assessment were designed for graduate students and postdocs at UC Irvine.

Other Pedagogical Training

Before applying for the Pedagogical Fellowship, I completed University Studies 390X: Developing Teaching Excellence - a course run by the Division of Teaching Excellence and Innovation. Coursework included

Certifications (UC Irvine)

Center for the Integration of Research, Teaching, and Learning (CIRTL)

Associate Level certification is achieved through evidence-based teaching training, training in learning through diversity and teaching as research, as well as participation in a weekly learning community.

Division of Teaching Excellence and Innovation

This program focused on how to design lessons using evidence-based pedagogical principles, analyze and assess teaching practices, and facilitate effective learning through seminars and peer observations of teaching.

This program focused on how to incorporate techniques such as backwards course design and active learning at both macro and micro levels. In particular, I created a syllabus and specific lesson plan for a course on Social Choice Theory.

Graduate Resource Center