Alexander J. Sutherland

Ross Assistant Professor in Mathematics

The Ohio State University

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A Summary of Known Bounds on the Essential Dimension and Resolvent Degree of Finite Groups (arXiv link)

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sutherland.159 [at] osu [dot] edu

Mathematics Tower 600

231 W. 18th Ave

Department of Mathematics

The Ohio State University

Columbus, OH 43210

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For more details, please see my CV (available here).

This is an image from Steve Trettel's video on the braid monodromy of complex polynomials (available here). For more, please see his website: 

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Mathematicians Resurrect Hilbert's 13th Problem in Quanta magazine | My talk What is... resolvent degree?

To the left is a recording of my talk What is... resolvent degree? , which was given in a virtual seminar based on the "What is...?" column in the AMS notices. 

To the right, you can find a copy of the corresponding slides.

For Website - What Is… Resolvent Degree?.pdf

Federico Ardila's Axioms for Mathematics

I fully support Federico Ardila's axioms for mathematics: